Dr C P Ravikumar

Giving Medicine

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Giving medicines the right way! Does making your child take medicine stress you out? Maybe this stress also forces errors in giving medicine. So, let’s learn a few things about medicines and a few tricks to help you as well. Medicines come in different shapes, sizes and forms. A brief introduction on each is below: […]

Side effects: Facts over Myths for you.


Side effect Side effect – the word itself makes every patient or parent worry immensely even if it doesn’t occur. Any medication that is prescribed to a patient has some counter-effect on the body despite it being used for treating a condition. It is important to know and understand the very concept of “side-effects” rather […]


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We hope you read the Generic Vs Branded medicine leaflet which gives you a fair idea of the process involved in getting medicine from a ‘concept’ to ‘your hand’. The purpose of this blog is to educate you about the basics of medicine and therapeutic drug use. Drug invention is a very long-winded process consuming […]



This is an interesting topic to read and understand, we all have been affected by these terms, but sadly not many of us know what they mean. This is an attempt to simplify and empower the masses to make the right choice. What is a drug? Any substance, naturally occurring or manufactured, which when consumed […]